IP Telephones – the new office environment


Not long ago, telephones and IT networks operated as independent systems – but no longer.   Unifying them is cost effective, growth tolerant, and increases productivity.   Having DSI do both will give you peace-of-mind knowing each is designed specifically to work with the other.

Not ready for that?   That is okay too.   From simple upgrades to complete turn-key installations, we can provide independent telephone or network systems to fit your needs now – and make it easier for you to grow later.



DSI recommends *NEC…

DSI sells NEC because we believe it is the most stable and reliable telephone equipment manufacturer available today.   In business for over 100 years, it is constantly improving and refining its product line, delivering more features per dollar year after year and their $1.5 billion hosted / cloud based communication / data network centers will keep you up and running.   NEC also maintains a full technical and training unit to ensure the necessary information and skills are available to support your needs.   DSI is certified as the official NEC representative for Central Florida and The Space Coast.   From the smallest office to the largest corporation, NEC has a system to fit every need.

…supports NEC…

Telephone systems have become multi-functional and highly integrated into the office environment.   NEC’s entry level PBX systems perform functions that a few years ago were only found in their enterprise systems – and the same holds true for their hosted cloud service UCaaS.   This gives small businesses access to unified communication features like Voice To Email, Cellular Extensions, IP Desktop Integration and VoIP Capability.    For all these features to work effectively the commissioning of the system is very important.   We are always here to provide you the best local support – from initial installation, system programming and user training, to upgrades and system expansion.

…and supports all other systems as well

We can keep your current non-NEC system up and running too, maximizing the investment you made in it.   When it does come time to replace, we look forward to showing you the benefits a NEC system can offer.

DSI and your information carrier

DSI is a certified partner for AT&T, Brighthouse, CenturyLink and Windstream.   So no matter which carrier you have, or choose to migrate to, we can make the transition and integration a stress free process.